Japanese beauty

Japanese beauty

KIKI's Baby Kimono takes the idea from the traditional Japanese Kimono style called “Jinbei”, known for comfortable everyday use. Wrap style and snap buttons gives you easy access for dressing and nappy changes while it allows easy movement for the little one. The style is perfect on its own or gorgeous with some leggings and long sleeved top for a layered effect in cooler months. KIKI uses quality Japanese textile which is always 100% cotton, it brings truly unique colours and comfort on baby's sensitive skin.

KIKI believes in the quality of handmade products and in the importance of the journey of how things are made. In order to ensure the best care is taken to achieve a beautiful result, we closely work with kimono makers in Japan. Every single seam is finished neatly covering raw edges of the fabric so that there is nothing irritable left against Baby's sensitive skin. Although it takes long time to produce each item, comfort of wearer is our top priority and we are committed to produce truly beautiful outfits.

About Akiko

I am a crafter and designer with a strong belief for genuine quality and personal touch. The warmth of handmade products and the story behind the making is very important for my creation. I believe designers hold a responsibility to work and support makers who are skilled and passionate. I enjoy bringing distinctive colours and patterns together with thoughtful meaning into a form of unique products.

Kokoro wo komete 

with love, 

Akiko xxx 

creative director&founder of KIKI