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Designed and made to last, this garment offers plenty of life. The kimono dress has beautiful authentic sleeves, the style is cleverly designed to ensure practical and comfortable use for both everyday and special occasions.
Inspired by Jananese traditional garment called "Yukata", you can use the side strings and loops to secure the front part to ensure neat and gorgeous look at all times. You can also tie side strings at the back and leave the front open which will add casual look to your outfits. Shoulder stitches called "Kataage" can also be unstitched to extend the sleeves so that the garment can be worn longer while a child grows taller.
KIKI's choice of colours and patterns are truly distinctive. This 100% cotton textile, made with a particular type of weave, gives smooth silky touch to the skin while it is easy-care and machine washable.

100% cotton
handmade in Japan